Compassionate Care Animal Hospital

7425 Jolly Lane
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428


We are proud of our facilities, a little over 4000 sq feet on the main floor and an open upstairs gives us the ability to have separate wards for small dogs, cats, large dogs, isolation and intensive care.

We have separate rooms for Dental proceedures, Surgery prep area and a surgical area that is separated from the rest of the hospital increasing our ability to maintain a sterile environment.

During our quieter periods we love giving quick tours for anyone who is interested. We believe that if your pet is to be staying with us that you have the right to see where they will be staying and where the treatments will be performed. We also believe it is helpful to your pets recovery to have family visits. Feel free to come in and visit, at times you may have a few minutes wait if we are currently treating your pet or another one in the same area.

CCAH Front Desk 

Our front desk counter not only contains a number of treats for you to offer your dog but also a platter of cookies for our clients.


Our reception area is shown above. The receptionist to the right is Joyce, who is one of Dr. Judi's sisters. She is the 2nd of the nine Funk Daughters.



Waiting area 

We have a large number of medications in stock, which allows us to treat with the appropriate medication right away. We also can have various medications compounded with flavors making it easier to give it to your pet. 



We have an outstanding in-house laboratory. We are able to run full chemistry profiles, Complete blood counts, electrolytes, urinalysis etc. with results available in 15-20 minutes. The lab results are imported directly into your pet's electronic medical records. 

In hospital Lab

Our intensive care area is situated right in the center of our treatment area so that staff members are always right there. We have an oxygen cage, IV fluid pumps to administer constant individualized quantities of fluids, medications. 

Cabinets contain supplies for our treatment area.


intensive care 

Treatment area 


Small Dog Kennel Area

small dog kennel area 

Cat Room


Large Dog Kennels 

Large dog kennels 




Surgery Prep Area

Surgery Prep Area 




All Surgery patients are prepared for surgery in the surgery prep area. Once they are sedated, anesthetized, catheter placed and shaved they are moved into the surgery suit. This allows us to prevent contamination of the surgery area.


Our digital X-Ray unit 

Digital Xray unit 

Our Doctors Office - Always a busy part of the hospital 

Doctors Office

Employee Lounge

employees lounge

Mary Funk has been active in the practice since it's beginning in


Joyce R has been our office manager for many years - she is also Dr. Judi's sister.

Mary Funk